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 Character Building on Neverwinter

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PostSubject: Character Building on Neverwinter   Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:19 pm

Trickster Rogue:
The Trickster Rogue is a pure DPS class that commits massive amounts of damage to a single target at a time, while using a combination of stealth, endurance, and deflection. In a party, Rogues do the most damage and have the upper hand in loot rolls during Dungeons. If you like doing a lot of damage in little time, become a Rogue. If you like having the edge in combat, be a Rogue. You can confuse enemies with a Smoke Bomb that shatters their defenses to bits and a Dazing Strike that can perform one-hit kills.

Guardian Fighter
A GF is a tanker; this character has unbelievably high defense levels, and can do equally as much DPS while in a dungeon or while questing. In a party/dungeon, Fighters are defenders and "tank" - take the damage - so the Rogue, Great Weapons Fighter, and Control Wizard in the party can kill with ease. No party can dungeon without a GF to take the damage! A Devoted Cleric is also in the party to keep you at full HP (Health/Hit Points). GFs have large AoEs (Area of Effects).

Great Weapons Fighter
Great Weapon Fighters balance defense with damage. You are an aide to the GF and the Rogue; you are quick on your feet, and can attack many enemies at once - your characters loves to be the first to attack enemies, and is willing to sacrifice his/her life for the group.

(If you are defeated, you will be brought back to life by a member of your party, or the Devoted Cleric in your party while revive you with full HP).

Control Wizard:
Think of Control Wizards as the "magical adventurous creatures of Neverwinter". You attack enemies with powerful attacks, from 80 meters away. You slowly make each enemy you attack suffer, or hit them with stunning spheres that also removes some of their defense and health buffs. Control Wizards also master Spell Casting, which they can use to their advantage while in normal combat or dungeoneering - bless your party players in a Dungeon with temporary skills that can make any fighting adventurer lethal. The Control Wizard is also the most popular character you will see in Neverwinter because while Dungeoneering, the enemies are so focused on the tank (GF), the GWF, and the Rogue that you and the Cleric will have all the space to attack, heal, boost, restrict, magically mystify, and....kill.

Devoted Cleric:
Devoted Clerics issue god-like powers against his or her enemies, launching 'celestial and astral' attacks and damage against the enemy. They have the power to increase the defense of players, healing players, reduce the damage caused by an enemy, grant life (revive), and take life away (defeat). Clerics can do damage, but it is not their primary attribute. While in a Dungeon, like a Wizard, you will be able to attack without worrying about enemies; in PvP, every class is best; strategy and upgrading your powers to the ones you use the most help you/your character is the key to battlesome PvP.
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Character Building on Neverwinter
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