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 Explaining Sharandar - Neverwinter

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PostSubject: Explaining Sharandar - Neverwinter   Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:31 am

The Skirmish for the entire Sharandar region.

In Sharandar, you will face multiple enemy types:

Shamans - Ogre clerics (long red dresses)
Hewers - Ogre Gladiators (metal armor w/shield)
Redcaps - Prowries & Witherers and & Thorns (all wear red colored caps)

Shamans are AOE, Redcaps are AOE, Hewers are ST (Single-Target). So if you are an ST class killing an AOE enemy, make sure you know what powers to use when you first aggro Smile

Use the toolbar (next to H, the question mark)'s Boon Window to unlock the other two gates of Sharndar. After three days of doing the 3 daily/repeatable quests in the Banshee gate, open the Window to unlock the Moonlight Gate. Each area of the Sharandar has a solo mini-dungeon that you can party up and do.

When fighting easy Redcaps, use a power that does damage to all the enemies. (Like Blitz attack, for Rogues, or Chains of Blazing Light for clerics)

When fighting Shamans, use a power that deals high-velocity damage (Lunging Strike for GF or Thorn Ward for Hunter Rangers).

For Hewers, or other type of enemies, use a variety of multi-target and single-target encounter powers.

Q: How do you know the different between powers?
A: Simple. Does the power, when used, hit many enemies, or only one? If many, = multi target; if one = single target.

http://neverwinter.gamepedia.com/Sharandar Neverwinter Wiki on Sharandar.
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Explaining Sharandar - Neverwinter
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